An Ethical Business Model for Personal Data

“When a service is free, you are the product”. The Respect Network is not free because you are the partner. The entire network exists to help you protect and realize the value of your personal information and relationships.

The Same Proven Model as a Credit Card Network


With credit card networks, people and businesses are represented by a bank who belongs to the network. The network and the banks are paid out of interchange fees charged to businesses based on the value of the transactions they do over the network.

The Value is in the Relationships

With the Respect Network, people and businesses are represented by a cloud service provider (CSP) who belongs to the network (or they can self-host). The network and the CSPs are paid out of a combination of membership fees and relationship fees charged to businesses based on the value of the customer relationships they maintain over the network.


Privacy by Design


All relationships on the Respect Network are peer-to-peer. Each relationship is its own private, secure cloud-to-cloud connection called a personal channel. Only the parties to that relationship have access to the data or messages shared on that channel. There is no central middleman with access to everything.

An Open Platform for Developers

The Respect Network is a platform for a new generation of personal cloud apps that can share data and automate workflows more easily and safely than conventional desktop or smart phone apps. On the Respect Network there is no central gateway developers must go through; all they need to do is join the network and begin distributing new apps. All apps participate in the Respect Reputation System, so the entire network functions as an app store.